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When I began Walking Through History, I set the standard in heritage-monument-cultural private tours to Delhi, Agra, Jodhpur, Hyderabad and Hampi. I choose to limit what we offer so that when we say: “we are one step ahead,” everyone knows we mean it. You are invited to experience the magic of some of India's most exciting destinations and UNESCO World Heritage sites with an authenticity of experience and insider access that is normally unattainable. I like to think it is not what we offer that makes us special. It is how we offer it: with heart, with passion, and with real care and attention to each of our clients. I am Dalip Nirwan and my email id is contactus@wth.com

Historical Places We Operate In

Delhi - Collection


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Rajasthan - Collection


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Uttar Pradesh - Collection

Uttar Pradesh

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Andhra Pradesh - Collection

Andhra Pradesh

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Karnataka - Collection


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